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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Next Adventure

Hey, check out the next adventure of the UK and Europe, via the USA here
I decided to slightly simplify the address, as you can see.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Moved to new premises

Hey all,

Sorry to anyone who has faithfully come to my site to see what's new with me, and been sadly disappointed. I know from experience how frustrating it is when your source of simple entertainment refrains from being supplied.

Anyhow, as mentioned in my last entry, I have decided to start a new website, so I will update you what has happened in the last two months in there, to kickstart it off.

I may reuse this site again in the future, say if and when I do the Europe thing, when the title would be more relevant again (at the moment its just JT vs NZ) In the meantime refer yourselves to http://whatisthomatrix.blogspot.com/

PS: Thanks to Simon for the suggested modification to the name - duely noted and taken on board as you can see.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Good Guy Wins in the End

Since last time - I have watched another season of the Family Guy, but now I have done that, I won't be watching much TV.

I don't have a lot of news, other than the big news. I have been offered a job in Kaitaia. The fact it is in Kaitaia is about the only (slightly) negative thing, other than that it is fantastic - decent salary, it's an Auditing job - which was my desire, and the firm is a nice size, and the people seem nice. To be honest, I think Kaitaia will be a nice place to live, as I should save lots of money. Basically the main reason I wanted to go to Auckland was so there was a big talent pool of potentials.

Anyway, the title above refers to the fact that finally life is making sense. For a little bit I was feeling kind of down, because I hadn't had any interviews, and basically not the response I had expected from employers. Then this last week things started happening.

So from here? I plan to start another blog, now my life is opening another chapter. I have an idea about calling it whatisthomatrix.blogspot.com but welcome other suggestions. Actually, how about you think of some names, send them in, and I will credit you on my site.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

One in a million: Home for two months


Just a short update,

This week was OK, saw a couple of things out of the ordinary.

First of all, in the paper on Thursday, I saw that there was a comet visable from the Waikato for about a week - Comet McNaught, so me, Suzanne and Bevan went to a park with a hill, which is roughly halfway between our houses, and checked it out, and took photos of it.
It was pretty cool. The last comet I saw was Haley's comet, which was back in 1986, at the tender age of 6 years old. From what I remember, I think this comet was actually more impressive - longer. Apparently - according to the paper - unless I become immortal, I won't see this comet again, and chances are I probably won't see Haley's comet again either.

The other thing was last night. I went to see the Drifters (nothing to do with cars) the American band from the 60's. They sang such songs as Under the Boardwalk, Sitting in the Back row, Saturday night at the movies, etc They played at Altitude, and it only cost $20.

Other than that, this week I got my bedroom nice and tidy, a nice change, although it is "mum-standard tidy" ie it is clean and tidy, but not 100% organised and systematic.

I also finished the Third season of the OC. Kind of sad, in many ways - least of all the fact I am living vicariously through and feeling emotions for a work of fiction. So now, since being home, I have managed to get through 2 seasons of the Family Guy, 2 seasons of Scrubs, a season and a bit of Dawson's creek, and Three seasons of the OC. A bit pathetic really. However, so you don't think I'm completely lazy, I have managed to have a decent walk almost every day for the last fortnight.

So now I am popping into town to see if I can find some cheaply priced things to spend some Christmas money on - Flippers, Diving knife, a stamp catalogue and something to display my money collection in.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Tomahawk flies again; & the Perfect day

So, here I am again. Happy 2007!

New Years was OK. I went with Suzanne and Bevan to Whitianga, and had a bit of a relaxing time up there. While I was there, we played 9 holes of golf, and I did some snorkelling. The snorkelling was good, I saw two Sting Rays, one was swimming, and the other was a huge one on the sea floor.

Anyhow, we left Whitianga on the 1st, so my cousin could use the house, and went to Papamoa. On the way to Papamoa we picked up my old school friend, and once we got to Papamoa, me and him travelled on down to Taupo, in order to do the Tongariro crossing the following day, hence the photos. The title above (The Tomahawk flies again) is because that was the first trip I took in my own car, after a year and two months.

Anyway, the tramp was a mission. It took us over seven hours to do. I had sore legs and a bad headache for a day and a half afterwards. But I am so glad I have done it. It was beautiful as you can see, and well, now I can say I have done it.
After recovering from that episode back at Papamoa,a few days later, me and another friend spent the day kayaking.

First of all, we headed to McLaren's falls, on top of the Kaimais, because there is a lake there, which is quite interesting, as it has a hydro-electric power station etc there. I fell out of the kayak once there, and it was a mission to get back in/on, but I managed it eventually (from the water). Then we went to my mate's mate's house for a BBQ lunch. That was nice, but best of all... they had a bouncy castle! It was like my dream day. (Hence the second part of the title).

Anyhow, following that we took the kayaks to rabbit island, and went snorkelling there. That was fun and scary at the same time. But I can finally check that one off the list too. You may recognise the photo from October 2005... - last time I was keen on trying to get there.

Since then, I have returned to Hamilton, and am working for Mum and Dad, trying to get their Company's website up and running. Tonight I went and had some supper with some old workmates, which was great. We talked about some of the good times we had, which got me thinking that I have actually enjoyed myself the last 2.5 years. It was great spending time with them, as it has been kind of lonely since I got back.

Yeah, so within the first week of 2007, I managed to tick off three from my wish list - McLaren's Falls, Rabbit Island, and the Tongariro Crossing. I'm quite happy with that. I say wish list, as I think resolutions are a bit different. My main resolution(s) for this year centre around the principle of living at 100%.

What I mean by that is, I need to be a go-getter, not be lethagic. I'm not saying I have been lazy - I saw most of Asia - but I need to be doing it with energy.

The other part of it, is that recently, I have slacked off in certain areas, like swearing, brushing my teeth etc - I used to have high standards, and I want to return to that place, (at the same time remain easy-going, because I think that has been a step in the right direction).

Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Effort to keep the ratings up

As I was taking a walk this afternoon, I figured I need to update this a little more than I have been, to keep you reading it.

I was thinking of all the elements of a good story: suspense, romance, disappointment, intrigue, cute animal story, struggle, victory, hope etc etc, and how I could incorporate them into today's entry. So I will have a go at it.

Well like the last 5 or 6 years of my life, I am in the job market, waiting for the right job to say I want you

Much the same story as above, but make it say for 14 years and a girl.

I'm intrigued why some people have totally dropped off the radar.

Cute Animal Story
Basically this is the highlight and general purpose of this entry. The other day (last week) I went to Tauranga and Auckland to go around recruitment agents, in my job search. I incorporated in my trip to Auckland a snorkeling trip at Goat Island. The weather was not so great, and the water was rather cold, so the view was mediocre. However before we headed in, some dolphins came by and swam around us several times, that was rather amazing.

It seems so hard to make progress at the moment, fighting sleeping in etc

My Nana seems to be doing well in competitions with her garden.

Well, I have hope, I believe the right job is out there. I think it is the wait that is the downer. I also have hopes of going on a bit of a tour of the North Island with a mate after New Years. Also I'm hoping New Years will be fun, I'm going to Whitianga with Suzanne and Bevan (my sister and brother-in-law).

Christmas was nice, I spent it with Mum, Dad, Nana, Popa, Suzanne and Bevan, at Suzanne and Bevan's house.

Um, I've watched about a season and a half of both the OC and Dawson's Creek in the last fortnight. Enough said.

In the last fortnight I played two games of Monopoly, a game I quite enjoy. However both times I lost. The first time I went to jail about seven times, and the other I went Bankrupt.

I saw Dukes of Hazzard and Punch Drunk Love the other day with my mate. Punch Drunk Love looked cool on the shorts, but was rather slow and lame. Dukes of Hazzard was alright. In Auckland I saw The Fastest Indian, that was awesome, and actually really funny.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

3 Weeks after returning

Just a short update.

Since returning from Overseas I have mainly just been getting back into the swing of things. The first week was pretty much a write off, catching up on sleep. Other than that it has been a case of catching up with friends and family, and making a start on finding a job.

This last week I have been around most of the recruitment agents in Hamilton, and have been helping mum and dad put up their company's website.

Friday night we went to our friend's engagement party in Auckland. That was pretty cool, it was fancy dress "Mexican Dectectives".

Oh, and I have changed banks.

General feeling at the moment? What Krysta told me is true - returning home is overrated. The fame and glory only lasts for about 5 minutes, and the same for the novelty of western food. It seems so lonely being back, because everyone is at work when I aren't, and they are often busy with their lives after work.

In the Photo here, from left to Right -
my brother-in-law Bevan, Dad, Me, and Suzanne my sister

Anyway, looking forward to Christmas and swimming (snorkelling and Body-boarding) at Papamoa.
Have a good 1.